Thursday, July 1, 2010

"photography is a waste of time" I couldn't believe my ears ??

Recently a friend said to me, "Photography is a waste of time,  no one is interested in looking at other people's images" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I always thought him a tad more sophisticated and appreciative of the power of the still image.  A photographer himself, I really thought he understood the important role photography has played throughout history and on into contemporary times.  Anyway, I responded, almost angerly "Not true at all! I totally disagree !"....... I really enjoy looking at others work and do so on a regular basis.....I think it all boils down to whether or not you enjoy photography as an art form or simply as a somewhat archaic form of communication?  I have been into images from a very early age......As young as 8 or so, I would tear images that I liked from the pages of all sorts of magazines and tape them to my one point, a whole wall of my rather large bedroom was completely covered with overlapping imagery of all types.......For me, photography is no different than music, if you're a fan, you will search out the latest trends, or listen to the old standards, it is a matter of spending some time looking and discovering what moves you....for me Edward Weston is like the Beatles ....however, photography like abstract art, admittedly can take a little study to really comprehend, from say the perspective of Susan Sontag; why one piece is considered a "classic" can be a tad erudite for some but then, on the other hand, you have Anne Geddes sp? How many parents in the world wouldn't just die to have her shoot their child? ...All you have to do is go to or to see that your statement is total bullshit......." Many people love to look and enjoy the work of others, don't kid yourself, don't be so pessimistic!  Get your images out there and if they are any good, you will get feedback - I guarantee it !! " Well, now I am taking my own advice - here is an image I took recently of my aged mother's hands....what do you think?  I will also be posting product reviews and, of course, the work of other photographers shooting a wide spectrum of genres. So please come back each week as I will do my best to get up something fresh up each week - that's a promise !